Halal Certification Training (English)

Halal Certification Training (English)

About English Halal Training

A one full day  (9am – 6pm) physical Halal Course Training, in English, is to equip and provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the requirements of MUIS Halal certifications. Participants will gain skills and insights needed to thrive in the dynamic local Halal industry. Among the topics covered are:

  • 1) Introduction to Halal Food & Drinks
  • 2) Understanding of allowable ethanol
  • 3) Study on MUIS Halal Certification Terms & Conditions
  • 4) Understanding & Differentiating the various MUIS Halal cert schemes
  • 5) Implementation of Halal Management Quality System (HalMQ)
  • 6) Documentation of Halal Assurance Points, Halal Threats & Control Measures, Corrective Actions
  • 7) Roles of Halal Team (Muslim & Non-Muslim)
  • 8) Risk Categorization of various Ingredients
    9) What ingredients allowed to be used even without Halal certificates
  • 10) Understanding Traceability & Verification of Ingredients
    11) Ability to detect wrong halal certificates issued by suppliers
  • 12) Various Breaches (Administration of Muslim Law Act –  AMLA, Penal Code & Sale of Food Act, Corruption Act)
  • 13) Case Studies and many other important and relevant Halal knowledge
  • 14) Assessments

The training is normally held at Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601

Training hours are from 9 am – 6pm

Upon completion of the training, participants need to attend the mandatory MUIS Halal Competency Assessment (HCA). Students who are more fluent in the Malay language are encouraged to attend the Malay Halal Competency Assessment, instead. The HCA certificate will be valid for 5 years.

With effect from 31 Mar 2024, all Halal Foundation and Training certificates obtained before 2015 will no longer be valid. Certificates obtained between Jan 2016 – Mar 2023 will no longer be valid by end 2024. Halal Leaders and Halal Assurance Officers at MUIS Halal certified establishments need to obtain HCA certificates, which will be valid for 5 years.

We have several training slots throughout the year. You may press the Registration Link for the next available dates and training slots. We also provide customized training for corporate companies that have more than 18 participants


(Training: $260 + HCA Exam: $136.25 = TOTAL: $396.25)

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